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De-icing Service • Do it right the first time!


De Icing is the process of removing any accumulation of ice, snow and/or frost from all aircraft critical surfaces. This is normally accomplished using a heated type 1 fluid, but it can also be done through mechanical methods as well. De-icing may be followed by anti-icing, if conditions apply, but de-icing is the primary method of removing contaminants from the aircraft. PAS Aircraft Deicing follows the clean wing concept and safety is our top priority for our government customers and our employees. For that reason, every PAS employee receives a staggering amount of training in various topics associated with De-Icing services.

Anti-Icing Fluid

The process of anti-icing is to apply type IV fluid to the critical aircraft surfaces to prevent formation or accumulation of frost, ice, or snow for the period between the de-icing procedures and take off. Anti-icing fluids are effective for a limited period of time only, which is why PAS Aircraft Deicing takes the application of anti-icing very seriously. The process of Anti Icing can be crucial, and our team is aware of the importance of that step concerning the safety of the flight. Every operation is done evenly with the amount of fluid recommended by FAA for that type of aircraft.

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