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Our team's philosophy: Do it right the first time!

PAS Aircraft Deicing

We specialize in ground de-icing services. We currently provide aircraft deicing to the Canadian Air Forces. In 2012 we opened operations in United States to support the US Military.

If you require fast, safe and efficient aircraft ground de-icing services anywhere in United States, then you need PAS Aircraft Deicing. For PAS Aircraft Deicing, no military aircraft is too large and no government request is too small: Our goal is always to deliver the ultimate in customer service and to meet expectations. We offer a full range of high quality aviation services and we even train the trainers if required. A full range of classes are available. We offer class instruction anywhere in US.   

PAS Aircraft Deicing has an absolute commitment to our core values of SAFETY, EFFICIENCY and INTEGRITY. Our team's philosophy: Do it right the first time! Our success is measured and reflected by our excellent safety record. All aircraft deicing services are completed in accordance to FAA and IATA regulations and procedures.
De-Icing is the process of removing any accumulation of ice, snow and/or frost from all aircraft critical surfaces. pastille
PAS Aircraft Deicing put a lot of emphasis on the benefits of De-Snowing. pastille
Mobile De-Icing Services
The Satellite services consist of de-icing services at airports where there are no de-icing facilities or equipment in order to meet the clients requirements and safety procedures. pastille
De-Icing equipment
PAS Aircraft Deicinguses Premier de-icer products for de-snowing, de-icing and anti-icing procedures. pastille