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De-icing equipment • Do it right the first time!

De-Icing equipment

Petro Air Services uses Premier de-icer products for de-snowing, de-icing and anti-icing procedures. The vehicles used are the MT43P21/EXR, MT85P27-ABS, Modified Hotshot, JLG and recovery unit. All our equipment is brand new and covered by a full 3-year warranty for parts and services.

Description of MT43P21/EXR

This truck is equipped with type 1 and 4 fluids, type 1 tank capacity 5500 L type 4 Tank capacity 1200 L.

Description of MT85P27-ABS

This truck is equipped with type 1 and 4 fluids. The Type 1 tank has a 9300 L capacity, the type 4 Tank has a capacity of  1500. L The truck is also equipped with an Eighty-five (85)-foot working height boom  modified to fit all types of aircraft. This truck is also equipped with ABS system (Air Blowing System) a low pressure (14 psi) and high velocity (800mph). This system is used for de-snowing operations. It is very efficient and can reduce the use of glycol by more than 50%.

Description of Hot Shot

This unit is used for Satellite operations. It is equipped with type 1 and 4 fluids, type 1 tank capacity 4500 L and type 4 Tank capacity 1200 L.


The JLG is an efficient and versatile unit used for heavy de-snowing with a broom. Our JLG is also equipped with quick disconnect hoses for type 1 and type 4. This modification enables connections with any of our trucks for full de-icing and anti-icing operations. This operation (Master and Slave) is also used for a back-up and more importantly, will be used for Satellite operations. We have 45 and 85 foot boom units for regular use.


PAS is committed to keeping our planet and the environment healthy, so after each de-icing operation, we will systematically recover and dispose of used glycol. Depending on the airport location, facilities, road access, and tarmac pavement type, we will use the appropriate recovery technique to prevent any ground contamination.

MT43P21 MT85P27-ABS Hot Shot
MT43P21/EXR MT85P27-ABS Hot Shot
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